Designing an award show

“Search for the exquisite” is the closest translation for “Eftersøg det udsøgte” in Danish. Although the wordplay gets lost in translation, this was the payoff, and theme for the annual award; “Direct Marketing Prisen” which honoured the best direct marketing campaigns throughout the year.

The event agency 3rd Dimension came up with the payoff, and my job was to create a concept around the award show and execute it on a great number of elements, both online-/offline and physical.

Client: Post Danmark
Event: Direct Marketing Prisen 2012
Venue: Docken
Crowd: Approx. 800 people
Event agency: 3rd Dimension
Marketing Director: Kirstine V. Ø. Larsen
Project managers: Katrine Bollman & Birgitte M. Pedersen