The concept

The essence of Roland Academy is that Roland DG provide selected schools within graphics and design with equipment which the students can use for creative outputs.

I had the pleasure to come up with the creative concept for the all the Roland Academies in Europe. KTS (Københavns Tekniske Skole) was the third academy the concept was implemented on, after having done Aalborg Tekniske Skole and Roland DG’s HQ in Allerød.

For all 3 academies I made small 3D cardboard mockups of the rooms showing the layout on the walls. The models came in pretty handy in directing the fitters and keeping track of 50 meters of 3M foil on site.

Client: Roland DG
Brand Manager: Thor Johansen
Assisting Art Director: Simon Naver
3M foil Fitters: InFront + Michael Møller